Programmer, Developer, Musician

A little about me

I am a second year Computer Science student at Northeastern University. Aside from programming, I also spend a lot of my time practicing and performing on saxophone and flute. Check out some of my work below, and feel free to reach out to me about any possible opportunities!

I have a variety of skills


I've been playing the saxophone since I was 9 years old, and since then, have also picked up Flute and Piano, and begun arranging as well. I primarily play jazz, although often play other styles as well.


I'm currently a freshman in the College of Computer Science at Northeastern, but have been programming since high school, where I attended the Computer Science Academy. I'm a Java developer, but have experience in web development and design as well.


There's something special about being able to capture a moment in time forever. I mostly shoot with a Canon T6 and a Nikon D70, and while I enjoy all types of photography, I prefer to take action shots.


I've been programming for several years now, and I've worked in a variety of different languages including Java, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript, Racket, ACL2, XML, HTML, and CSS. I've taken a plethora of computer science courses throughout high school in college, such as Object Oriented Design, Discrete Mathematics, Web and Media Design, Android App Development, Logic and Computation, and many others. You can check out some of my projects on github or devpost!


Music has always been a big part of my life, and it allows me to approach problems with a unique perspective. I'm primarily a jazz saxophonist - I play alto, tenor, and soprano saxophone. I also double on flute/piccolo, and dabble with clarinet/piano as well. I enjoy studying music theory, and have been working on improvisation for several years now. I've also started arranging music as well, which you can check out below on my musescore.

Prior Experience

I've worked on many projects over the past several years. For my senior capstone project at the Computer Science Academy, I trained a neural network to recognize a simple pattern of conducting using a leap motion sensor, and play back audio in sync with the input. I've also worked as Web Developer for The RockNRoll Chorus, where I've worked extensively with WordPress and Google Apps Script. I am also a course assistant for Object Oriented Design at Northeastern University.


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